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Things To Do In Lachung

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Things To Do In Lachung

A Serene town in the lap of nature, Lachung resembles a cut tumbled from heaven on the earth. Offering flawless view of Kanchenjunga and Mount Siniolchu, Lachung is ideal for an escape in North Sikkim. One can explore trekking and climbing as there are a few short and long nature trails unexplored here.

Quickly go through the list of super exciting activities in Lachung for a fascinating and heart-stirring vacay.

Below are the list of Things To Do In Lachung

  • (1) Visit to Yumthang Valley – The Valley of Rhododendrons

    A day excursion to Yumthang Valley is one of the most desired activities in Lachung. Visit to this beautiful valley and click some photographs where the spring season makes a collage of little flowers of multiple colors. Enjoy the views all through the ride which includes a vast stretch of lands and far away peaks. From Lachung, you will have to ride for approximately 25 kilometres to arrive at this beautiful destination.

  • (2) Visit’s Nature’s Lap – The Singhba Rhododendron Sanctuary

    Housed closed to yumthang Valley, An impressive and rich collection of rhododendron, gregarious plants could be seen in the sanctuary. Featuring varieties of colorful rhododendron and other flora, is considered as a must visit Place in Lachung. Click some amazing pictures and enjoy bird watching in the sanctuary which will always remind of nature and its closeness to the hearts.

  • (3) Excursion to Zero Point

    Zero Point is “Heaven on Earth”, located about 50 km-from Lachung. This place is covered with snow almost all through the year and thrills the visitors due to the chilled climate and picturesque location. Zero Point is highly rated & remains on top checklist on visitor’s destination in entire Sikkim and an integral part of all Lachung tourism packages.

  • (4) Seek Blessings at Samten Chorling, Lachung Monastery

    Lachung Monastery,  Established in 1880 is an age-old Buddhist religious place, Beautiful architecture, spectacular mountains in the backdrop and cordial Buddhist preachers inside the monastery would surely make your trip to this place worth in every sense. Spend some time here and meditate in nature. This will surely make anyone fall in love with this place. Once a year, a festival is also organized in winters and is a place not to be missed.

  • (5) Adventure Ride to Mt. Katao

    If you are eager to enjoy a scenic view of snow-capped mountains, valleys and thick pine vegetation, then you must visit Mount Katao. Accessible only with a permit, issued by the Indian army, the beauty of Mount Katao is nothing less than a treat for the eyes and a spot for adventure lovers is what Mount Katao has. The valley hosts attractive flora and fauna like primula, rhododendron etc. Mount Katao is one of the best things to do in Lachung.