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Place to visit Bhutan

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Place to visit Bhutan

Explore the unheard “land of the thunder dragons” with Zippi Trips Much unheard and unexplored land of the Himalayas, Indian neighbor territory, Bhutan, the “land of the thunder dragons” is the right place for the misanthropists, seeking for some me-time in solitude. Bhutan is such a place of tourist interest that always fits to the taste of all kind of travelers. Bhutan is manifested of all the attractions that shall captivate every visitor. Meandering rivers, rolling valleys, lush green suburbs, gushing waterfalls, spiritual monasteries, thrilling adventure sports and much more only to your awe and surprise! Plan the appropriate kind tour with Zippi Trips as we customize and curate theme-based tours solely based on your preferences. Bhutan is much more than just some sights of yellow-robbed monks meditating in the monasteries. The enticing Bhutan is just the right sight to behold forever. It is the absolute verdant of nature waiting to be celebrated by the wanderers. Silky skies, proud Himalayas, and a perfect ambience- all painted vividly, are something one cannot afford to miss! With Zippi Trips you can go for thrilling treks, river rafting, and much more to the adventure! Bhutan and its capital city, Thimpu owns a plethora of tourist destinations worth falling in love with.

Popular Tourist Places In Bhutan

  • (1) Rinpung Dzong

    inpung Dzong is a stunning 16th-century-fort, also known as the “Fortress on a Heap of Jewels.” The fort is enlisted among the best tourist places to visit in Bhutan. The fort is adorned with grand colossal walls, assorted temples, vivid wall paintings, and shrines that reflect upon the everlasting culture and architectural insight of Buddhism. The fort is also popular for its annual celebration of the traditional Tshechu festival during which, the town is lit and adorned like a bride, shimmering with great fervor.

    Rinpung Dzong

  • (2) Tiger’s Nest

    Tiger’s Nest in Paro is one of the most splendid and popular locations in Bhutan attracting spectrum of tourists from across its neighboring countries and beyond. The site tops the bucket list of every religious buff by virtue of its grand placement of the sacred monastery of Guru Rinpoche. The monastery strikingly balances itself on a cliff resting amid prolific greenery and mesmerizing blue pines, setting an implausible sight to behold. The alluring nest is surrounded by an immense chain of haughty mountains and abundant beauty to capture in time and beyond!

    Tiger’s Nest

  • (3) Chele La Pass

    Chele La pass, one of the most popular tourist places in Bhutan, is situated at an elevation of 3,989 meters. It is known to be the highest road pass of Bhutan coupled with unmatched charm and wonder. This tourist place is what you would call the ultimate haven of peace. A spectrum of tourists stops by to sink in the serenity of nothingness. Get ready to stand spellbound at the matchless sights of the sacred mountain of Jomolhari and its sister peaks. Do not forget to bask in the spectacle of the idyllic valleys of Haa and Paro.

    Chele La Pass

  • (4) Buddha Dordenma Statue

    The Buddha Dordenma statue is yet another tourist attraction of Bhutan. It is a gold and bronze tall structure of Buddha placed at a whopping height of 169-feet. The striking statuesque is situated on the lofty foothills of Thimphu and its striking feature lies in the fact that it is distinctively visible from any part of the country, making it one of the best and popular tourist places in Bhutan.

    Buddha Dordenma Statue

  • (5) Dochula Pass

    Built to commemorate the eerie mark of the Bhutanese soldiers who laid down their lives during a war fought against the insurgents from India, Dochula Pass is a pass manifested of enticing Chortens or Stupas. The picturesque Dochula Pass is tucked on the mighty lap of the Himalayas and has evolved as one of the most beautiful tourist places in Bhutan. Needless to mention, do not forget to witness the bird’s eye view of the cosmos exquisitely adorned by the Himalayan heights.

    Dochula Pass

  • (6) Punakha Suspension Bridge

    Punakha, a charming town of Bhutan owes its popularity as a popular tourist attraction to the wonderful Punakha Suspension Bridge situated over the winding and sublime Po Chhu River. The bridge, an engineering marvel, extending over 160 meters, is one of the longest suspension bridges of the country. It immensely joins the town of Punakha with Punakha Dzong. Make sure you capture some of the most spontaneous sights of this captivating wonder in your indelible memory. The bridge stands adorned and embellished with Tibetan flags all over.

    Punakha Suspension Bridge

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