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Best Time To Visit Lachung

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Best Time To Visit Lachung

Ain't you looking for such unexplored and unpolluted destinations where you can take a breath of fresh air? The ones, who are planning a trip to Lachung, must know that the best time to visit this place begins from October and lasts till June.  The nearby places which you must visit while in and around Lachung include Yumthang Valley, Zero Point, Mt. Katao, Lachung Monastery are some of the famous attraction in Lachung.

Below are the breakdown to clear the concept for Visiting Lachung.

Below are the list of Best Time To Visit Lachung

  • (1) Summer: (April – June)

    Summers in Lachung begins with quite pleasant opening up chances for sightseeing and several other outdoor activities with temperature ranging  10 – 18 degrees. It is the favourable time for sightseeing as you can easily explore its locales and attractions. Another highlight of the summer season in Lachung when Species of Rhododendron are in full Bloom.

  • (2) Winters: (October - March)

    In this season weather becomes a lot chilly, yet it is an amazing time to witness some of the most enchanting views of the snow-clad Himalayas. The temperature at this time hovers between -5°c - 15°c. During this time also visit the Yumthang Valley Covered with blanket of snow which is around 25 km from Lachung for an adventurous experience.

  • (3) Monsoons: (July – September)

    Although monsoon has its own surreal charm in Lachung, Weather of this season is not advisable to visit Lachung, as heavy rainfall is witnessed by the entire village. Also, a major drawback during monsoon is that you won’t be able to travel outdoor for sightseeing and will have to stay inside most of the times.