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Things To Do In Gangtok

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Things To Do In Gangtok

Nestled in the eastern Himalayas, skirted by two rivers on the east and west and enveloped in misty, green valleys, Gangtok seems like a landscape from another planet. From sightseeing to adventure, there are umpteen activities for visitors to enjoy in Gangtok. There is so much to experience, explore and do in Gangtok. Through the years, Gangtok has established itself as one of the most popular tourist destination offering a perfect vacation to all. From visiting historic Buddhist monasteries and trekking through dense forest to experiencing the thrill of adventure sports and taking long drives through scenic mountain routes, Sikkim’s capital has it all. Want to go? Here’s what awaits you in Gangtok.

Below are the list of Things To Do In Gangtok

  • (1) Go River Rafting on the Teesta River


    Tested River is the most important river in not only Gangtok but the entire state of Sikkim. Teesta is ideal for both experienced and new rafters. Adults and kids can equally enjoy river rafting in Gangtok. Besides river rafting, you can also enjoy some peaceful time boating here.

  • (2) Paragliding


    One of the most popular and exciting things to do in Gangtok is unquestionably paragliding. It’s becoming the most popular adventure activity in Gangtok.  Fancy a bird’s-eye view of the lavish green hills, terraced rice fields and the monasteries in Gangtok? How about a stunning view of the Kanchenjunga in the distance? That’s paragliding for you, one of the most popular things to do in Gangtok. A paragliding expert will guide you through this to ensure that the ride is completed with safety and without any hassle.

  • (3) Yak Safari to the Pristine Tsomgo Lake


    Another fun thing to do in Gangtok is to take a day trip to Tsomgo Lake, studded in a valley flanked by snow-topped mountains. Oh! And yeah, you’ll be on a Yak! Enjoy serene views across the lake, dip a toe or two in if you don’t mind the freezing water and take some awesome Pictures is something that you will always remember.

  • (4) Enjoy Ropeway with Gangtok City View


    Cable car ride is one of the most popular and fun activities to indulge in while in Gangtok. It offers a wonderful view of the valleys below. During the tourist season, the cable cars are always fully booked and there’s always a long queue waiting to ride it. It’s a big ‘thing’ to do in Gangtok and you can’t be a serious tourist if you haven’t checked this one off your list!

  • (5) Visit the Beautiful Monasteries


    Visiting the many beautiful monasteries in and around the city is one of the most popular things to do in Gangtok. The structures are stunning examples of Tibetan architecture and give you a glimpse into the religion’s deeply spiritual world view. Some of the top monasteries you must visit are Rumtek, Phodong, Pemayangtse and Enchey Gompa. The aforementioned are some of the popular monasteries to visit in Gangtok. Bestowed with numerous avenues for recreation and adventure, this capital city of Sikkim has its own glory and charm.

  • (6) Explore Lal Bazaar


    Exploring the vibrant Lal Bazaar, the city’s traditional market, is one of the most fun things to do in Gangtok. Lal Bazaar is an open market area in Gangtok that is known for great variety of stores and products it offers. Jostle with crowds of local residents as they shop for groceries or buy fresh produce to get to special shops that sell Churpi or Yak cheese, traditional Nepalese Khukris, locally-made bamboo and cane baskets and Tibetan prayer flags.

  • (7) Shop & Dine at MG Marg


    Shopping and dining at the many restaurants and cafes on MG Marg is another fun thing to do in Gangtok. A vibrant, upbeat place, MG Marg is a no-car zone and one of the most awesome places to visit in Gangtok. Try some (or a lot) of the local cuisine like Shapta, Tsampa shakes, Thukpas and Ningro churpi at one of the many restaurants here. Also, don’t come back without some choice Temi tea!


    These are the best experiences in this beautiful Himalayan town that let you see Gangtok from different angles. We’re sure though, you have found some more awesome things to do in Gangtok that aren’t on our list.